So last weekend was Nine Worlds, a yearly convention over in London. As expected, it was awesome.

I was on 3 panels altogether, one of which I pitched myself several months ago. I was a bit nervous that my panel would actually fall flat, due to being a niche topic and scheduled in a popular time slot. Yet it ended up being my favourite, due in large part to the awesome audience we had and great panelists that joined me.

So overall I think I did pretty well as a contributor? At least, I got good feedback across all three. I think I could have done better in some places, but I’m happy with how things went.

Anywho, this is my personal blog, so it’s time for me to ramble on about my life, I might do a separate “OMG Nine Worlds is awesome” post later, which I’ll likely host elsewhere. So for now… Read More


Photos, Pride, Lasers and Blood

Time for a monthly update!

July was a busy month, with one week spent bedridden with cold and a few other events peppered throughout. I don’t want this to turn into too huge of a post, so I’ll just run down three noteworthy things that let me chat a bit about how I’m doing.

But first, I wanted to mention I’ve swapped out my WordPress avatar for a picture of me. Yes, Wonder Woman, who has been my avatar since December 2014 at the birth of my original blog, is gone. I’ve reached a place where, thanks to transition, I actually feel okay sharing how I look in a more public capacity. So speaking of photos… Read More