I’m A Mess – On being a 27 year old teenage girl

I have written and re-written this blog post more times than I can count.

There’s even a finished version of this post sat in my drafts that’s been edited so much it’s changed tone and topics multiple times.

No matter what I wrote, it looked wrong, it sounded wrong. Then I realised, I was doing it again: I wasn’t being honest. I was writing what I thought you folks would want to read and not what I needed to say for myself.

But I’m sure you’d all rather I be honest than simply try to entertain you, right? Some of you have been with me now for well over a year, from back on my old blog, which was a lot more painfully honest and emotionally raw than this tamer one.

So I’m trying this again. I have no plan, I’m just going to write. This is an update about my life and how I’m doing, from the gut, no holding back.

In a sentence: I’m a bit of a mess right now, June has been rough. Read More