Work, Stress and Laser Beams

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper blog post and I’m really feeling the need to just ramble a bit. So if you’ll join me, I want to just chat about what’s been going on lately.

I know it’s groaningly cliché but the reason I’ve not been writing about my life is because I’ve been busy living it. Not that there’s a link between time spent blogging vs. living, but in the sense that I’m so exhausted at the end of the day lately that I just don’t have the drive to spend even more time on a computer. Most evenings I spend in bed catching up on my latest super-hero related television or trying to get an early night.


So as you may remember, I got offered a job. I’ve now done over a month in the role. I’m getting settled, I know everyone in the office now and I’ve basically learnt my way around the place. I no longer quite feel like the new girl.

Prior to starting I did wonder if me being trans would be a bit of an elephant in the room. Would people be thinking about it in the back of their mind? Would they think it was weird? Would it stop them from forming friendships with me? Well I’m happy to say I’ve noticed absolutely no negativity or weirdness from colleagues whatsoever. Read More